Woodhaven Residents' Block Association


As sometimes happens in any urban environment where people live in proximity to each other, noisy neighbors can be a problem.  We hope that all residents of Woodhaven would be considerate of their neighbors, but since reality sometimes falls short of our hopes, the WRBA has published a leaflet to help residents deal with noise problems.

Click here to view a PDF of the leaflet.  A plain-text version of the leaflet is available at the bottom of this webpage.

In June 2011, the WRBA submitted written testimony to a New York City Council committee, supporting proposed legislation that would increase fines for residential noise while also urging the City Council to consider other options for tackling this problem.  A PDF of the full testimony is available here, and the press release about the testimony can be seen here.

Here is the plain-text version of the leaflet mentioned above:
Noise is a problem that typically gets worse during the Summer months, but it could be an issue at any time of the year.  Here are a few things you need to know about noise – what your rights are, and how you should go about resolving a noise complaint.

First of all, there is no curfew or time limit on noise.

In other words, if there is a noise disturbance, don’t feel that it won’t be taken seriously just because it’s 4 in the afternoon, not 4 in the morning!  Noise is noise, and you have a right not to be disturbed.

Here’s the best way for you to handle a noise issue:

Step 1.

Call 311. While 311 may not always resolve your issue, it’s important to get your issue logged and into the system. Make sure you ask for, and receive, a Service Request Number.

This number will have the format:  C1-1-XXXXXXXXX
Step 2.
Give 311 a chance to work.  Hopefully, this will take care of the issue. However, after an hour, if they have not responded to your complaint – and the noise issue persists – then you should call the 102nd Precinct directly at: 718-805-3200

Step 3.

Take down as much information as you can when calling the precinct.  Write down what time you called and the name of the Police Officer that you spoke to. Hopefully, the 102nd Precinct will dispatch a unit and your problem will taken care of.

Step 4.

If your problem does not get resolved, then you need to report this issue to the Block Association. You can call us directly at our 24-hour phone line (718-296-3735) , or via email.  We will need all of the information you collected above – the 311 Service Request Number, details of your call to the 102nd Precinct, the location and exact address of the offender, etc.

Other Things You Should Know

Car Radio Noise

It’s easy enough to file a noise complaint when it’s at a static location. But if you are complaining about noise from passing cars, it’s a lot harder for the police to stop.

Or if you have a specific consistent offender, it would help if you could pinpoint a location (e.g. intersection and a time where the noise is common.

Barking Dogs

The Police Department and the 102nd Precinct are not responsible for handling barking dogs. While you can try reporting barking dogs to 311, these types of complaints should be directed to Animal Control: 1-800-714-8727.