Woodhaven Residents' Block Association

Real Estate Solicitations, and Cease-and-Desist

After prolonged efforts by the Woodhaven Residents' Block Association and the Greater Woodhaven Development Corporation, Woodhaven has been named one of only seven Queens neighborhoods in which homeowners can choose to prevent solicitations from real estate agents.

New York's Secretary of State renewed Woodhaven's status as a "cease-and-desist zone," meaning that Woodhaven homeowners can be placed on a list to ensure that they receive no real estate solicitations -- including phone calls, mailings, and door-to-door visits -- to sell their properties. To be placed on the list, the required form can be submitted electronically at http://www.dos.state.ny.us/lcns/cdform.asp.

The WRBA urges all homeowners to fill out the very simple form, so that they can enjoy the benefits of Woodhaven's cease-and-desist coverage. Woodhaven residents who would like a paper copy of the form mailed to them should call the WRBA office at (718) 296-3735.

Woodhaven's cease-and-desist coverage has received substantial news coverage:
  • NY1 News, "Homeowners Laud Cease And Desist Renewal In Woodhaven," by Tammy Mutasa, 8/5/2010
  • Queens Chronicle, "Woodhaven is C&D Zone," 7/29/2010
  • Queens Courier, "Cease and desist renewed for Woodhaven," 7/26/2010