Woodhaven Residents' Block Association

State Redistricting

The Woodhaven Residents' Block Association firmly believes that whenever possible, the entirety of the neighborhood should be represented by a single representative at each level of government.  Woodhaven is a cohesive community, which means that common issues affect the whole neighborhood, not just a fraction of it.  Having a single representative at each level of government would help ensure that our collective voice is heard, not diluted.  Multiple representatives make it difficult for residents to know who's representing them and whom to ask for help.

In January 2012, a legislative task force proposed new lines for New York's Assembly and Senate districts.  The proposal placed all of Woodhaven within a single Assembly district, but split the neighborhood among three separate Senate districts.  The WRBA supported the Assembly proposal and strongly objected to the Senate proposal.

See the WRBA's press release on the proposed district lines.

The WRBA also submitted written testimony to the task force, making its case for unified Senate representation.  View the testimony here.

Our views on the redistricting proposal have received some attention:

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