Woodhaven Residents' Block Association

City Council Redistricting

The Woodhaven Residents' Block Association firmly believes that whenever possible, the entirety of the neighborhood should be represented by a single representative at each level of government. Woodhaven is a cohesive community, which means that common issues affect the whole neighborhood, not just a fraction of it. Having a single representative at each level of government would help ensure that our collective voice is heard, not diluted. Multiple representatives make it difficult for residents to know who's representing them and whom to ask for help.

Woodhaven's current City Council representation is split roughly evenly between Council Member Elizabeth Crowley and Council Member Eric Ulrich.  Our currently divided representation is not optimal.

Every ten years, the lines of New York's City Council districts are redrawn.  This once-a-decade process is now underway and is being conducted by a body called the New York City Districting Commission.  In September 2012, the Commission put forward its initial proposal.  These preliminary maps united almost all of Woodhaven in a single City Council district.  The WRBA submitted testimony to the Commission, applauding its proposal and urging tweaks to ensure that 100% of Woodhaven would be included in a single district.  Our press release on the proposal is available here, and the full text of our testimony to the Commission is available here.

In mid-November 2012, the Commission released what was expected to be its final proposal.  Startlingly, the Commission chose to divide Woodhaven in the revised maps.  Not only was Woodhaven split into three residential areas spread over two districts, but much of the areas represented by Crowley and Ulrich would be switched, maximizing the confusion and unfamiliarity for City Council Members and constituents alike.  In a press release, the WRBA blasted this proposal and called on City Council members to vote against it.  This column expressed the WRBA's surprise and displeasure at the Commission's about-face.

In a surprise twist, a gerrymander in Brooklyn led to enough outrage that the Commission withdrew its proposal and went back to the drawing board.  The WRBA calls on the Commission to use this opportunity to correct its shabby treatment of Woodhaven and to unite our neighborhood, as it had originally planned to do.

On January 14, 2013, a contingent of Woodhaven residents attended the Commission's Queens hearing at LaGuardia Community College.  Here are pictures and videos of Woodhaven's participation at the hearing, and here is media coverage showing that the WRBA's presence was felt:
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Below are more links to coverage of our fight to unite Woodhaven at the City Council level:
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You can also click here to learn about our work for Woodhaven in State-level redistricting, and click here to learn about our efforts regarding congressional redistricting.